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Pro tip: the best blogs have fewer than 1 published post-per-day. Less is more.

Writing good content is hard. I don’t write a diary, because I know that it takes my time away from doing everything else. But I know how hard it can be to build your online presence, so I wanted us to have some sort of template to follow.


Interacting with my followers goes a long way. They will probably learn a bit just by reading it, but if anyone “asks” a question about a tweet or blog article, I spend the time to answer back. The more we interact, the more we learn about what information they want. Low barrier to entry. Want to win? Just write an introductory article instead of a resume, send us a link and boom! Feedback is passed back to you, if your content is great! The rate of self-discovery in my news feed is crazy. Every day, I am finding people I have never heard about, and who are behind companies, universities or blogs I’ve never heard about. On several occasions, I found an amazing blog article, liked it and sent a tweet, that “featured” the blog. Later in the day I see that 15–20 followers followed me back, reading the article I tweeted. ADDED: Plus — if you do it correctly, we will send the “well deserved” signals to your followers! We are going to announce the winner tomorrow! Check out the blog posts from previous winners @jfoertel, @ktiv, @reallypeter, @jsayles, @davesaiy,

PS: If you want to know more, I’d suggest you dive into the official docs or watch this video of an amazing talk given by Pedro Domingos on Domains and Models:

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