Neural Networks

Fundamental building blocks of deep learning, inspired by the structure and function of the brain.

. Raising awareness, education and engagement about Quantum Computing

Contribute an article to Slashdot, Reddit or HackerNoon

Create a puzzle game based on Quantum Physics

Use visual effects such as we used for explaining the Van der Waal force: Try to make “cool” videos Explain with a comic, an animated short, or VR Model, simulate and explain, do a reading of Reality Check: How do we know the atom exists?

Computer Science tasks Create a new programming language or use one to solve a problem (Simon Fraser University). For instance you could try to find a way of encoding the Hilbert plays or simulating a quantum system with a Linear Dynamical System. Confirmed speakers Evan McMullin Québec City, Québec, Canada Evan McMullin is an applied mathematician and claims to be an eccentric Quantum Mechanics researcher at INRS-EMT in Québec City, Canada. He thinks, he did a lot of funny math things in his life, in this world, and maybe some even in several others. In general, interested in things, that you’re usually not interested in. ACMP Member: Yes


Country: Canada. Incertus

email @ Paul Luongo BC, Canada Wikipedia Entry Ph.D. student at The University of British Columbia, Canada. Interested in many things, but try to focus on quantum computing. ACMP Member: Yes


Country: Canada. Kansathi

LinkedIn Greeshma Kansathi USA LinkedIn Greeshma Kansathi is a CTO and co-founder of YK Research and has previously worked as Professor of Arithmetic Geometry at Michigan State University. ACMP Member: Yes


Country: USA Wolfram Tones Group USA / International A group interested in making music and animations based on WolframResearch’s Mathematica & ComputerAlgebraSystem packages. Members of the group are active as creators at the Wolfram Community website. ACMP Member: Yes

Institute: The Wolfram Group, Inc.

Country: USA / International

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